'Slow Children' were one of the things that poor Humbert Humbert was hoping to avoid hitting while driving his car through the American terrain of the book Lolita. Lolita was a novel thet both Andrew Chinich and Pal Shazar loved. Andrew named the band, rightfully so. It was really his baby as it began with Pal singing his songs. He'd been a published songwriter at 17 with a major label album to his credit. And Pal? Around the time she met Andrew, one of her illustrations of Patti Smith had been used as the centerfold for the indie rock magazine 'Back Door Man.'

Two years and about a hundred co-written songs later, Slow Children record their first single for Jet Records, a label owned by Sharon Osbourne's dad Don. Produced by Jules Shear and Stephen Hague of Jules and the Polar Bears, the single caught the ear of Ensign Records man Nigel Grainge who signed the band in 1980. Two albums, 'Slow Children' and 'Mad About Town' were sent out into the world, stirring up a lot of attention at L.A.'s main rock radio station KROQ, who continues to play their song 'President Am I' whenever someone is running for office or shouldn't be.

Slow Children was mostly a songwriting and recording experience. There was limited touring but a lot of adventures. Recordings were done in London, L.A. and the Bahamas. A video was shot in Nassau with Pal swimming in a dolphin tank, which on screen appeared to be a tiny Pal in a cocktail. Photographs were taken by Robert Mapplethorpe. A group named themselves 'Pal' after them.

Eventually Andrew and Pal ended up living in two different countries, which did not stop the songwriting process but did limit the amount of songs they produced. As with many groups, the material for what would have been the third record was exceptional by their standards but unable to make it to vinyl. There was talk from their label RCA about making an EP which Pal and Andrew found offensive. In time Slow Children grew up and away from one another. Pal began to write songs on her own.

Fast forward to 2010. Pal and Andrew reunited and began writing together again. A few years and forty songs later they went back into the studio to make their third record. Slow Children's 'cottoncloud9' was recorded in Woodstock (Chirp Studios and Coldbrook Productions). The long awaited follow up to 'Mad About Town' will have a 2016 release.